/!\ FAILSAFE /!\ – Mystereous Error Message

If you have ever seen the following error message after adding some functionality:

/!\ FAILSAFE /!\ Thu Apr 24 18:25:01 -0700 2008
Status: 500 Internal Server Error
wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)

You probably added a method called Send which is causing this error to be thrown.
Rename your method to something other than ‘Send’.

Dovecot IMAP Authorization Slow

My dovecot is setup to authenticate users from MySQL. However, the process was taking about 4 seconds and I kept wondering what the issue was for a while. Finally, I took some time to dig into it and here is what I discovered:


PAM was enabled, which is something I am not using.
At the same time the PAM file in /etc/pam.d/dovecot contained the following:#%PAM-1.0
auth required pam_nologin.so
auth include system-auth
account include system-auth
session include system-auth

Go to the dovecot configuration file (generally under /etc/dovecot.conf) and comment out the following section

passdb pam {
… generally comments

Once you have commented the start and end of that section, restart dovecot (eg: service dovecot restart)

Try to connect to the IMAP server and login – It will be LIGHTNING FAST!!